Nuova scheda 68030-040-060 per A500

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Nuova scheda 68030-040-060 per A500

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CS530 and CS540: New A500 accelerator boards in development
The Polish people Szymon 'Cizar' Paprocki and Andrzej 'Sellen' Rogozynski are working on accelerator boards for the Amiga 500 which will be equipped with processors of 68030, 68040 or 68060. Prototypes already exist. You can watch videos about the "CS530" and "CS540" on the Youtube channel of Paprocki.

All statements of the developers only are available in Polish and the boards still are in an early development stage. The following features are planned:
MC68030 (with FPU MC68882) and 040 processors, 68060 also planned
SDRAM or DDR chips as FastRAM, controlled by a Spartan6 FPGA controller
Slot for CF cards
IDE port (40 Pin)
A ARM ST32H7 microcontroller with 400Mhz, its function is not clear. Translations of third parties from the Polish say "a new chipset with access to the complete FastRAM".
NAU8822AYG-based soundcard with MP3-decoder and AHI implementation. The original Amiga signal is supposed to be taken through the card
MicroSD slot
12-bit stereo sampler
Hardware MPEG decodierung
HDMI port
Amiga2000(A)4.0+Impact HC+8 HD 1Gb 8mb Ram+2 Drive+ M_kickswitch 1.3/3.1 + Bridgeboard 2088 + Mast.Waitec
Amiga1200Tower (Elbox) 3.1+ Mediator 4Slot + Voodoo3 + SoundBlaster 128 + TV Card + UltraPLEX 40x + Masterizz. Noma680RW+ HD SCSI IBM 4,3 GB + Blizzard 1230 IV 64Mb Ram + SCSI Kit 128 MB Ram + 68882 + IndiV.MK2Cr
Amiga1200 3.1+ Cf. 4 Gb wb 3.1 + ACA-1221 (full)
Amiga1200 nuovo imballato NOS (Petro T.......)
Amiga600 2.05+ 1mb ram expansion + 4Gb Cf
Amiga500Plus 2.04 +CD_Commodore A570 + 8mb Ram with IDE (Kipper2k) + Stamante 1500c
Amiga500Plus 2.04 +1.7MB F.Ram +GVP HD8+ 8MBRam e HD 221mb.
Amiga500 1.3 scatolato + KSC PowerPC Board 1mb + ACA500 con CF 4GB + dual kick 1.3-3.1
Amiga500 dual_kick 1.3<->2.05 (37.175) + 1,5Ram expansion (Power Computing) MB.6.A
Amiga500 1.3 liscio (il mio muletto!!).
Amiga CD32 con scatola bianca
Monitor BenQ BL702A
Vampire500 v2+